They Dont Know Pt2 Who are they

This is whats going on in todays world on a large and small scale. In big organizations as well as in your own home, family, friends, school etc....


They dont know but God does

Explaining a little more about the single They Dont Know. Really opening up about what drove me to write and what I was going through while I wrote it.

They dont know

I wrote this song 2 years ago and my friend Orlando said the world needs to hear it.  People today are very cruel, mean and vicious. People are used, abused, bullied and attacked because of their culture  because of the…


Why I make music pt4 Testimony

Ok so here is the next part of the tesimony and If your wondering what this has to do with music then just keep folloing the blog. 
Well there was a woman that I met and this woman went to…


Why I make music pt3 Testimony

So lets see  if we can wrap this up. Since Im still alive that means I didnt pull the trigger.  But that didnt stop me from having those messed up thoughts. I was still living a mess up life a…


Why I make music pt 2

So back again with the reason I make music. Its more than just a notion or a simple saying that I wanna make Gospel music it runs deep for me. But lets get back to the story so I can…


Why I Make Music

I wont lie and say that music saved me because some music I use to listen before I became the man I am today was very unholy. Im mean wicked I use to listen to a Detroit rapper named Esham…