Why I Make Music

I wont lie and say that music saved me because some music I use to listen before I became the man I am today was very unholy. Im mean wicked I use to listen to a Detroit rapper named Esham. He would rap about the most unholy things blaspheming God he would call himself the unholy one. He made a song called kill the fetus and the numbers of the mark of the beast. I had borrowed this tape from a friend back when tapes were happening. 
I listened to it and i got intrigued I wanted more so I started asking around and I got introduced to more. There was a group called natas and ICP so I got there music to and it had me turned out everything I looked at had to be satanic or demonic or it wasnt right. I would chant the name natas if you say it backwards then you know I was chanting the devils name. Its a little deep and you probably dont believe I was that kind of guy but yeah it was me wanted to walk,talk, and rap unholy. Tune in next time as I reveal what happens next. 
Pray have Faith Take Action