Short Bio 
Now residing in Jackson MI for the last 2 years I have had the opportunity to minister in song and in engage with churchs, charitable organizations, recovery resource centers and with the help of a freind and community partner have put together a faith based community outreach ministry called Hope 4 The Hood.   

Long Bio 
Brotha Ministas music is a life story and a series of events he has encountered. His experiences in life has brought him to this point to talk to everyone about Jesus knowing that he has been there for him and his family through job loses, homelessness, family troubles, financial struggles, and basically in every aspect of his life. 
He says Im not only a lyricist but Ive produced and engineered alot of my songs. He is also a songwriter and his desire to serve the lord in a musical ministry is more powerful then anything he has ever wanted to do in life.  Like many people he had bad habits from drinking to drugs, violence and etc which could have cost him his very life. Now this God fearing man wants to share with people that you can come back from any bad to worse situation with the strength of Jesus. 
While telling about his life, he aslo feels compelled to the stories of other people by using there story and putting himself in there position to get a full grasp of what that person is feeling when they went through the problem or while the are going through it.  
He says I spend a lot of time doing music because if Im going to represent God Im going to do it right.  I use this music to reach all age groups and I want to give people an alternative instead of them listening to the gangsta, thugged out, getting money, sexual explicit type music. Its more to music than that stuff. But also I do know and understand that if that is your lifestyle then ultimately thats what you will talk about. 

His style is cinematic or theatrical like a film score with words.  The inspiration behind the music is a big part of his life.  Its a story of how times will be tough, you will feel like you want to give in and give up on everything.  He says Ive went through some times when It was hard for me to provide for my family I talk about that. Times when I thought that all was lost and rough times in marriage and divorce I talk about that.  I know that  
I went through some of these trials for the very reason that someone else went through it to or had a similar situation and I want to convey that in my music.