They dont know

I wrote this song 2 years ago and my friend Orlando said the world needs to hear it.  People today are very cruel, mean and vicious. People are used, abused, bullied and attacked because of their culture  because of the religious belief.  They may attack you because of how you look, your preferences in life or where you came from. There is no reason for anyone too bash you there's no reason for anyone talk down on you to be condescending, to condemn you.  Saying things purposely that are hurtful, harmful and even using brutal and violent ways to make you feel less than what you are created for. 
I wrote this song because I have been through some of the same situations. I have been through some of the dark valleys, through the storms. As a man I've been emasculated, as a man I've been put down and I have been broken. I felt less of a man and inadequate as a Husband and felt that I couldnt be the dad that my children need.  I wrote this song to share it with the world that some people may not want to be honest about what they are going through but Ive been there. Our situations may differ and in many ways they may be similar. I want to let you know that feel what you're going through.  
I wrote this song because there are many people white, black, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Russian Arabic many different races male and female, children, teenagers, adults that go through some of the most horrible and vicious cycles today. 
It's a shame because they don't know your background or where you came from how you were raised or what you had to go through. They don't know whats inside of you what your thinking or understand the fight that you had in your life.  
No one knows about your house being in disarray, the broken down relationship/marriage the division in your family, that loss of that loved one, or that career that you worked hard to get to provide for your family from all of those years of going to school and the preparation it took to get ready for what you needed in life but it still didn't work out. 
No one knows the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse that you have endured. From my experience its like a little boy on the inside crying out helplessly but no one hears you. Im goin to say this that a lot of times its your own people or your family your own husband/wife  telling you that your not a man you're not a woman you're unfit mother you're not adequate enough to be a dad you are failure and we wonder why we have people who fall into depression and become suicidal.   
I'm going to tell you I've been there and if there's nobody else in the world that knows your pain God does and he has commisioned certain people to reach out that have been through the same or similar situations to give hope, comfort, motivation, encouragement, to uplift and to let you know that you are worth living this life. You are a precious and unique person.  

Much love 
Pray have Faith take Action  
Brotha Minista

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